CACUQ Wallet
WARNING:This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

CACUQ Wallet

What is CACUQ Wallet?

It’s your credit.
Credit in CACUQ Wallet can be earned by participating in activities, rewarded with certain purchase, or from returns/refunds. Credit can be used just like any other form of payment.

Payment with CACUQ Wallet waived processing fee of corresponding order value.
Credit is stored as USD. When making order with another currency, credit will be converted to USD based on real time exchange rate.

How to Check My CACUQ Wallet?

Log in and check “My CACUQ Wallet” under “My Account”.

How to Use My CACUQ Wallet?

Use all or part of available wallet balance when checking out. You can use wallet balance together with another payment method in one order.

Note: If wallet paid partially, but the residual payment was failed ,you can go on trying to pay with other payment methods on the page.