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WARNING:This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Foger 80CM Chain Necklace

Units: PCS
Sku: P94495
Weight: 20.00g
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Mini Circle | A93713
Big Circle | A93714
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Packing List

1x80CM Chain Necklace



Necklace length:80cm
Big Ring Size: 20.6*7.1*2.4mm
Small Ring Size: 13*5.9*2mm


Composed of a durable metal necklace and an adjustable silicone ring,easy-access to use your vape devices, charging it without remove the holder.
Rubber ring stretches around your vape pen and grips it securely with two different sizes
With the unique design of this holder you'll always be able to find your device when you need it, stop losing your vape devices
Convenience unique metal necklace pendant.Can’t remember how many times I lost my vape devices,but now, they are always with me.